Give the Gift that Keeps Giving… REFERRALS!

Whether you are giving them or getting them, referrals rock!

When you give them, of course giving wisely only to those worthy few who truly deserve them, your stock rises with both the person you are referring and the person you are referring to.

How does this happen?

If you are referring someone deserving, he or she will be very grateful and will most likely either continue doing a great job for you, do an even BETTER job for you, or even refer YOU to someone.

When you refer someone deserving, the person you are referring them to will be similarly grateful because you have helped him or her either solve a problem, improve life a bit, find a new or different supplier or vendor, or save some money. In fact, they might be so appreciative, that THEY will give you a referral too!

When you GET a referral, you should recognize that as being one of the highest compliments you can receive from someone.

He is putting himself on the line, his taste, his opinion, his reputation, all trying to help you AND help the person you are being referred to. This is not a situation to take lightly. You should go ABOVE AND BEYOND for both the referral and the person who did the referring. Make sure everyone is satisfied, do lots and lots of thanking and following up. Show your appreciation in numerous ways…a card, a small gift, a referral back, an email, a letter, anything to you let him know to KEEP THOSE REFERRALS COMING.

If referrals are handled properly, they can be extremely powerful tools in either your marketing arsenal or for your own career development.

Why not spend a little time thinking about referrals and how you can give and get them this year?

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By: Paula Fargo

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