How Do You Love Your Clients? 

Do you put yourself in your clients’ shoes? Are you empathetic? Can you feel their stress, pain and worry?

How else will you be able to help them if you don’t become them? At least for a while…

The best way to do this is to always ask questions, and then listen to the answers. Clients don’t necessarily want to tell you the whole truth, or even part of the truth. It is our job as interested problem-solvers to get at the truth in order to provide the best help possible.

Be caring and concerned. Be tender if you can. I know we are all busy, but take a deep breath and try to relieve your stressed client or prospect from the burdens he or she is bearing.

Always improve your skills, look for new ways to be better, faster, smarter and more reliable. And TELL your client about it! How will they know otherwise?

Listen to what Dave Matthews has to say about this:

If you are tired I’ll bear your burden 
If you are dreaming I will not disturb you 
Whatever your heart desires love love 
I’ll clear the way for you 
Come winter I will build you a fire 
From the bones of who I used to be 
Before you came and washed the weary away 
Before you came here for me 

Without our clients, we are washed away. We should let them energize us, empower us to be the best providers we can be. There is nothing wrong with establishing a caring relationship with our clients and other constituencies in our working lives.

As a commercial printer in Baltimore, we work hard to create a trusting relationship with our clients. Want to experience the difference a caring printer makes to your life?

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By: Paula Fargo

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