Mining For Data Gold

Information is power. You and I both know that, but you may not realize just how powerful information can be or how it can be used. Think of the marketing power behind what you know. The children’s shoe shop that collects the names and birthdays of its small customers can use that data to send out personalized postcards with a birthday coupon. Flower shops can keep track of anniversaries. Veterinarians can send out updates about shots.

Your database represents a goldmine of information for all your marketing plans…but many small businesses are awful at maintaining great databases.

Are you? Is your goldmine brimming with information, or is it being ignored?

This weekend, spend some time updating, editing, and cleaning your database. Gather names, addresses, phone numbers, and email information from your invoices, handwritten notes, emails, and existing data. Then put all of that information into one database you can use. Your “database” may consist of little more than a simple Excel spreadsheet, or it may require a more robust solution.

Going forward, get your staff to ask for complete information. Create a basic form or questionnaire for customers and prospects, and use it to get the kind of information you can use to better know – and understand – your customers and their needs.

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By: Paula Fargo

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