In our digital age, it’s easy to dismiss tangible marketing materials as a thing of the past. This is a big mistake. Promotional products are still considered the most effective type of advertising across all generations. For small businesses, they are especially important. If you choose not to utilize this marketing strategy, you’ll miss out on attracting new customers of all types.

You want your small business to stand the test of time. To do this, it must appear professional and reliable. It is also crucial to incorporate direct messaging. Customers need to know what you’re selling and your brand values. Marketing materials provide the perfect vessel for establishing this connection. At Curry Printing, we’ve been crafting marketing materials for over 4 decades. As experts in the trade, we strive to provide fast, dependable service without sacrificing exceptional quality. More than anything, we’re committed to helping your small business thrive. That’s why we offer friendly customer service, state-of-the-art printing equipment, and expertly designed products for our clients.  

Marketing Materials Your Small Business Should Have

When it comes to marketing materials, the options are endless. It can be difficult to decide what products you need. We suggest using these materials to help your small business reach new heights:

1. Flyers

Once printed, flyers can be placed in a variety of locations. They can be hung in nearby coffee shops, on library bulletin boards, or delivered to customers directly. Additionally, they are something customers can touch, see, and remember. This is an extremely effective marketing tool for local small businesses.

2. Business Cards

There’s nothing like a polished business card. If you want others to believe in your company, they must know you’re a serious entrepreneur. Taking the time to design and print a business card shows that you care about your business and want it to succeed.

3. Posters

Posters are all about being loud and proud. If you have an event coming up or you’d just like to advertise a new service, there’s no better option. With large signage, you can incorporate text, images, and colors to make an unforgettable impact.

4. Event Products

Let’s say you’re going to attend a local trade show soon. Chances are, you’ll need plenty of marketing materials. Things like table throws, tents, and exciting banners will help guide visitors to your small business. From there, don’t forget to have a few extras people can take home with them. When potential customers and colleagues take your tote bags, notebooks, and pens home with them, they’ll remember your business.


5. Envelopes

At some point, you’re going to have to correspond with other business entities in the area. When you do, you want to present yourself as a growing company with potential. Most business owners might overlook the idea of creating personalized envelopes. Doing so shows you’re willing to go the extra mile.

6. Printed Apparel

Whether you need company uniforms or t-shirts to sell to customers, printed apparel is a great way to get your name out there. Essentially, apparel is a walking advertisement! If you don’t take advantage of simple marketing materials like this, you’ll miss out on boosting brand awareness.

7. Brochures

Brochures may be a little old-school, but old-school is still effective. If you need to convey important information about your products and services, brochures are the way to go. These give customers something to flip through and interact with. As a result, they make for educational and engaging marketing tools.

8. Other Promotional Products

Marketing materials are fun to design because you can get as creative as you want. If you want to expand your horizons, why not try more unique products? You could, for instance, give your employees sunglasses or phone cases with your logo on them. That way, whenever they’re out and about, they’ll be able to spread the word. Items like this are also great conversation starters. In truth, there’s no easier way to advertise your brand.

When it comes to marketing materials, you want to select a business that prioritizes your needs. Unfortunately, using online vendors often involves delays, missed deadlines, and errors. Let our specialists handle your projects! With Curry Printing, you will always walk away satisfied.

Do You Need Marketing Materials? Curry Printing Can Help!

Curry Printing is here to help businesses like yours grow, and we are proud to offer a full range of customizable products that would make great gifts for your employees or clients. We work with businesses in every industry to find compelling solutions to their printing and mailing needs, and we look forward to earning your business. To learn more about our diverse selection of marketing materials, call us today at 410-685-2679.