A Mr. Elwood Blues from Baltimore County writes in to ask: “I heard you can help me get free masks for my employees. Is that true?”

A: Hi, Elwood, nice to hear from you. Though you’ve got the gist of the situation, let us clarify for you.

We can design and print custom masks for your company. In fact, in the past year we’ve helped dozens of organizations do just that! (Check out some of our previous masks here).

Are they free though? Well, sort of.

As the Baltimore Business Journal explains, the SBA’s second round of the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) was signed into law in December and includes additional payment forgiveness for sickness prevention measures.

The Journal clarifies: “The newly covered expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical barriers such as sneeze guards
  • An on-site or off-site health-screening capability
  • PPE [free masks], including respirators.”

We already know that masks are going to hang around for a minute longer, might as well seize the opportunity to have your employees uniformly display your brand (besides – a little swag never hurt anyone! It might even help increase employee moral).

Elwood, we hope this answers your question! And if you’re looking for a way to round out a bit of your allotted PPP spending, consider letting us help #MaskUp your company!

P.S. – We supply and can even customize acrylic sneeze guards and partitions too, which are also covered by the 2nd round PPP. To view the entire list of our Covid-related products, click here.

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