Employee Spotlight

Annie, employee spotlight

Let’s give a warm welcome (back) to Annie Levine, our Director of Human Resources and subject of our next Employee Spotlight! Annie, our Director of HR for one and a half years, from 2019 to

2020, has been back with us for about a month now, and is already killing it with her impressive HR skills. She is responsible for hiring, onboarding, training, reviews, handbook revisions, personnel issues, and workplace fun! Her favorite thing about working at Curry is that:

“I love that we have such a strong staff team. We have a great mix of long-term tenured employees and new employees with fresh perspectives, and everyone is really positive and helpful. I also love that we use EOS because I think the structure it provides is so beneficial and it ensures we are communicating well and staying ahead of problems.”

Annie lives in Nevada just outside Las Vegas, with her wife, Mia, who is a 2nd year medical student at Touro Nevada. They have a very spoiled cat named Gremlin. Annie’s hobbies include hiking, camping, and creative writing. She’s a part of a small writing workshop group that meets monthly. Fun fact: she co-authored a local hiking guidebook for the Appalachian Mountain club!


Welcome back, Annie!