TikTok screen

TikTok has become immensely popular for individuals and some B2C businesses. How do you manage the ever-changing landscape of social media? Between new and existing platforms changing up the rules, it’s quite a task to keep up. And don’t get me started on Google changing its algorithms every other minute.

Where to Start

Many B2C businesses have invested in social media without having clear goals, personality, and values. The factors for a successful TikTok presence specifically are personality, personality, personality. If a brand has a distinct personality (think the Duolingo owl) it will stand out in the sea of videos. If you’re a B2B company selling financial services, a platform like TikTok will likely not do much for you. On the contrary, if you’re a boutique wedding gown store, TikTok’s algorithm puts you in front of the people likely seeking your services. TikTok takes a user’s interactions and preferences to create a For You page specifically recommending videos you may like.

I’ve seen many successful businesses attempt to gain traction on social media without first figuring out what they want from it. Is the goal to gain awareness or build loyalty with current customers? Strategies and content for each goal will be different. Start at the end and figure out what you hope to gain from your efforts, working backwards.

Clarity is Key

Clarity is worth a deeper dive. When you think of your brand, do certain adjectives come to mind? Relatable, brave, resourceful, reliable, trustworthy. You now have an idea of what your brand should portray on social media. Keep color psychology in mind when creating a strategy. If one of your brand values is “friendly, real people” there should be brighter colors, like yellow, and employee features posted periodically. Being clear about your brand values is essential and doesn’t have to consist of “WE ARE FRIENDLY, REAL PEOPLE” plastered on every inch of your platforms; subtle influences will deliver a better message.

Who Cares?

So why is any of this important? Social media has become a staple in branding and digital marketing. The role it plays in developing brand awareness and loyalty is immeasurable. More than 40% of users research brands on social media before engaging with the business. It is even more prevalent and necessary with the pandemic. According to the American Marketing Association, 84.2% of marketers have used social media for brand building, and 54.3% have used social media for customer retention during the pandemic. There are fewer chances to get in front of customers, and the digital landscape reflects this.

Your audience wants to know who you are and why they should give a damn. So, before you invest resources into a TikTok account, you need to figure that out.