As the holiday season approaches, many businesses are combing through pages of gift catalogs searching for the perfect corporate holiday gifts. Some businesses aren’t sure whether or not corporate gifting makes an impact in the first place. At Curry Printing, we work with companies every year to connect them with high-quality gifts they can distribute to their employees, customers, prospective clients and more. Here’s our ultimate guide to corporate holidays gifts and why it’s worthwhile to invest in them.

Why Corporate Gift Giving Is Important

Giving gifts is critical for many businesses, as every gift given creates a connection (or strengthens a connection) between the giver and the recipient. Gifts can take a variety of forms, including something physical, like a hooded sweatshirt they might wear at home on the weekend, or an experience, like a certificate that can be redeemed for something internally or externally.

When you give out corporate holiday gifts, you are creating positive associations between your company and brand and the person who is receiving the gift. Gifts have been used in this fashion for decades to create positive bonds and nurture relationships with existing clients and prospective clients you want to build a stronger bond with. Whether you use gifts as one piece of your marketing strategy or as an employee retention tool, giving a gift can earn an impressive return on investment.

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Why Employees Appreciate Corporate Gift Giving

Clients and prospective customers are not the only categories of people who can benefit from receiving corporate holiday gifts. Employees also love receiving useful and thoughtful gifts. You can use corporate holiday gifts as one way to start an employee gifting program and expand it in the future to include things like birthdays or gifts to celebrate a certain number of milestone years. Think critically about the ways in which you show your employees that you care. In times like these, when many employees are leaving jobs, say “thank you” to your employees who have stayed with you and who continue to provide their talents. Remember that your business is not only the brand, structure, and products, it is also the employees who are making them.

The Laws About Corporate Gifting

Before we get to our favorite picks for corporate gift giving, it’s important to note that there are some laws governing corporate gifts. Some recipients, including government employees and contractors, might have laws that restrict the type of gifts they can receive and the maximum monetary value of those gifts. If you are planning on sending gifts to prospective clients or current clients who work in sensitive industries like these, you should make sure you do your homework ahead of time to avoid wasting money on gifts you cannot deliver.

How Can I Find the Best Corporate Holiday Gifts?

Curry Printing is here to help businesses like yours grow, and we are proud to offer a full range of customizable products would make great gifts for your employees or clients. We work with businesses in every industry to find compelling solutions to their printing and mailing needs, and we look forward to earning your business. To learn more, call us today at 410-685-2679.