Lisa Loopner of Baltimore County writes in to ask us:

Q: I heard a rumor that you guys are selling masks now. Is that true? Why would you do that? Don’t printers just print on paper? If these are paper masks, would they even keep me safe?

A: Hello Lisa, thanks for writing in! Of course, printers can print on paper, but we’re certainly not limited to it! We want to have as many options as possible so that we always have the right material to get your unique job done with the highest quality.

It’s true that we are selling masks, though none of them are made out of paper (although you might get your proof of the mask on a sheet of paper!). We are following the latest guidelines about what constitutes a safe mask and updating our stock frequently.

We carry a wide variety of masks, including disposable surgical masks, pleated cotton masks, bi-layer fabric masks, clear plastic masks, and even face shields! Our team understands that different people and businesses are going to have different needs, so most of the masks are customizable by color or can have logos printed on them. We want to help out our customers any way we can, so branded masks seemed like a natural extension of our other products and services.

It might be just a small thing, but we’re glad to do our part in keeping our community safe. If you need more guidance on masks, please refer to the CDC website.

Hope this answers your question! If not, please contact us.

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