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6 Benefits of Custom Embroidered Products

There are infinite ways to market your brand and business, and one of the best ways to do so is with custom embroidered products. Custom embroidery sets you apart and can be used in a variety of ways, whether you want your employees to have matching polo shirts or you would like to embroider hats to give away to your clients during the holiday season. What are some of the benefits of custom embroidered products for your business or organization?

1.    Stand Out from the Crowd

Many companies give out gifts to recognize their employees or clients throughout the year. It can be hard to stand out when you’re sending things that are one-size-fits-all or not customized to reflect your business and brand. Custom embroidered products are a great way to stand out from other companies and make sure that anyone using the items knows who you are.

2.    Versatile Embroidery Options

While many people associate embroidery with polo shirts, there are many ways that you can use embroidery to customize products at your business. If you want to embroider your logo, you can place it on things like polo shirts, jackets, and more. For giving people an easy way to carry things on the go, you can embroider a tote bag. For something unique that can be used around the house every day, consider embroidering blankets, towels, bathrobes, and more. If you aren’t sure whether embroidery could be used on your products, reach out to Curry Printing to share more about your vision.

3.    Durability

While we only offer quality printing options, embroidery is often more durable than printing and offers better long-term results. Embroidered designs are long-lasting and designed for peak performance over time. When you work with Curry Printing for custom embroidered products, you can feel confident about giving away products that will wash beautifully and last for a long time. We use heavy-duty threads that are designed to resist fading and fraying over time, and we are happy to customize your product.

4.    Make a Professional Impression

Embroidered products are highly professional and make a fantastic impression. Because we use professional machines and technology, you can rest easy that the gifts you give out will look polished and high-quality. We can complete color-matching before we start working on your custom project, so your branding will be perfectly captured. We can embroider many different types of fabric and items, including things that are typically challenging to embroider, like denim or fleece.

5.    Free Marketing

One of the hidden benefits of custom embroidered products is free marketing. Whenever you give away embroidered items like beanies or shirts, you are giving away something that has your name or logo on it. This encourages brand recognition and spreads your name and logo further than it would otherwise. Many companies spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every year to get their name in front of new people, and giving out promotional products with custom embroidery will serve the dual purpose of spreading your brand while rewarding a client, employee, or prospective client.

6.    Polished Uniforms

Finally, even if you are not giving out swag to other people, custom embroidered products can be useful when trying to create coordinated uniforms that will elevate your business and make your employees look professional on the job. High-quality polo shirts, hats, jackets, and other uniform pieces can be embroidered with your logo or another custom design. Some companies prefer to have STAFF or other designations embroidered on the shirts to make it easy to determine who is an employee or manager. Coordinated uniforms also help your employees to feel like they are part of the same team. It’s the same reason why sports teams wear uniforms! We can help you through the process of designing your uniforms and the many customization options that are available to you, including a full spectrum of colors, numerous types of shirts and apparel items, and endless options for custom embroidery that will set your business apart. How can we help you?

Are You Looking for Custom Embroidered Products?

Curry Printing is here to help businesses like yours grow, and we are proud to offer a full range of custom printed and embroidered products that can help your business make a great impression. We work with businesses in every industry to find compelling solutions to their printing and mailing needs, and we look forward to earning your business. To learn more, call us today at 410-685-2679.

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