7 Best Marketing Efforts to Drive High-Value Business

Want to make sure your marketing efforts are worth the time and expense you are putting into them? Just considering this question puts you ahead of your competition. We are going to dive into some of the best marketing materials that drive high-value business for your brand.


Evaluating what your customer needs, and not wanting to waste resources elsewhere, is a fundamental part of any strategy. If you order generic marketing collateral from the cheapest online vendor, your message will likely get lost in the crowd and your efforts in the dump (literally and figuratively). Your customers won’t get the value you have to offer.


All marketing takes thought, research, planning, crowdsourcing, and having a realistic idea of what your customers care about. In this modern world, where customers are being shouted at constantly, using a one size fits all method of marketing is not going to work.


What Marketing Efforts Work?


Postcards may be “old-school” but work well when done right. They earn a higher Return on Investment (ROI) than paid search and digital display ad. Direct mail is an effective way to reach your audience, as long as you’re providing them something of value (QR code, discount, useful information, event date, etc.).


Adding in a personalized message and using an eye-catching design will help your brand stand out. Classic and old-school are not always a bad thing. Check out Is Direct Mail Worth It? for more details.


Business Cards

Business cards are a timeless and accepted way to build a great connection with a potential customer. You don’t want to end up fumbling around for a pen or risk the potential customer having no clue how to use your Dot card (a small scan device you tap to the other persons phone to share networking information). These printed pieces don’t have to be plain either; adding an unexpected element and customizing the design will set you apart.

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Flyers & Brochures

Flyers and brochures are the gold standard in getting in-depth information in your audiences’ hands. They allow you the space to include services, products, images, hours, directions, research, and other valuable information your customers and prospects need.


If you publish a blog with case studies related to your industry, it’s a good idea to have them added to printed marketing materials, to pass out, or have available for customers.  Again, classic printed marketing materials don’t have to be mundane. Customized design and an experienced printing team make all the difference.


Stickers & Labels

Stickers have been trending lately and it’s easy to see why. A custom sticker is a way for your loyal customers to wear your brand as a badge of support. These happy buyers are fantastic brand ambassadors. As covered in Stickers, What’s the Deal?, Tik Tok has boosted certain trends exponentially.


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Water bottles, laptops, car bumpers, and other flat surfaces are prime locations for branded stickers. Packaging labels and product labels can also enhance design (with little effort) and add customized design to otherwise plain items.


Convention Marketing Efforts

Imagine you’re walking into a huge convention for your industry and you spot a vendor rep you’ve considered working with. You head to their table excited, only to realize their “booth” consists of a tablecloth, some pens, and a few flyers. The mentioned items are a great start, however when you’re presenting at a high-value convention, more marketing efforts are needed.

Signs, promotional products, printed eye-catching collateral, and even games (prize wheels are a great way to attract an audience). I went to an automotive convention in Boston and all attending women were given custom engraved champagne glasses. Promoting diversity and gender equality in an otherwise male-dominated industry. There was a clear, well-researched goal, and it was well received by its target audience.


Promotional Products

Promotional products are a great way to engage with your audience and have your brand stick around in a key time. They can increase response rates by up to 75%, and 81% of people keep promotional products for at least a year.

I still use travel mugs for banks, after receiving the promotional product at an event. Customers and non-customers alike use your branded promotional products, leading to a lasting impact. It’s best to get promotional products that are useful to your target audience.


SEO & Social Media

Investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media can be intimidating. It is a completely different form of marketing, has different rules, extensive keyword research, and updates can be maddening. Like the other marketing materials listed, SEO and social media must be customized to have any value. Digital and print marketing materials together have the best ROI and response rates.

Some places outsource social media management and SEO services to a marketing or SEO company. However, these companies may not take the time to learn your brand and instead offer a generic solution. You could put the task on an employee, that doesn’t specialize in either of those services, which may end up frustrating both of you. Using major search engines and platforms takes patience, experience, and constantly evolving education.

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Your audience can tell when you use a generic template off an online printer or try to use a one size fits all method for your marketing materials. If you don’t provide value to your audience, and try to stand out, you will fall behind. Our team at Curry Printing has the expertise to handle your print and digital needs, for any of the marketing materials listed above, and more.