What is color psychology?

Have you ever wondered why Americans traditionally wear black to funerals and brides wear white to weddings? It’s all linked to color psychology. Each color has a meaning, an emotional/ psychological effect, and sometimes a physical effect.

Those effects vary greatly based on each person’s experience and culture. One example, in Western culture white, symbolizes purity, and in some Eastern cultures, white represents mourning.


Why should you care?

Color psychology plays a vital role in branding and the message your brand portrays. If you’re a Western company launching in Japan, using white in a branding message to represent purity might be a problem. The message is that you didn’t do your homework and are as tone-deaf as this Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial.


Colors influence how consumers feel about your brand. Consequently, the colors used in any branding should reflect how you want people to feel when internalizing your branding.

color psychology

For instance, do you want someone to feel a sense of urgency when applying for a credit card? Red may be a good option. Similarly, do you want someone to feel calm when signing up for therapy services? Blue is proven to be relaxing and portrays trustworthiness. And finally, an edgy fashion brand? Black is the way to go.

Color psychology applies to logos, marketing collateral, social media content, campaigns, and anything delivered to consumers. I wouldn’t want a local funeral home to send me a bright yellow and orange postcard, prompting me to plan my inevitable funeral.


What about Curry?

We are creative, and imaginative. Our expert, wise team knows more about printing and our client’s needs than I had thought possible, before joining this company. The level of service we provide is premium quality (some may say luxurious) and we strive, ambitiously, to meet impossible deadlines. Ambitious, luxurious, wise, premium, creative, and imaginative? Purple is the color that pulls all of that together, so the emotional process happens as soon as a prospective or current client sees our branding.


How can we help?

Color psychology can be tricky and might derail branding if used improperly. Our team is detail-oriented and always looks out for our client’s best interests. Our in-house designers provide personalized service and thoughtful suggestions. Don’t let your branding efforts turn into a case study, used to teach Marketing students what NOT to do.