Keep an eye out for 90’s-themed retro design with bright colors and childlike wonder. The neon colors, color blocks, bubble writing, and bright design are a fun way to make your graphics stand out.

90s design

Go for the Max

We’ve all heard of minimalism and Marie Kondo asking “does this spark joy?”. This trend throws that out the window and embraces maximalism. The bright colors, images, text, and bold design can be overwhelming. However, the boldness does make a memorable statement.

bold design


A handmade, authentic look is so important in 2022. The rise of importance in authenticity has given way to new and fun designs that add a human touch. Logos designed to look handmade often have script fonts and drawn illustrations.

handmade design


Sustainability and eco-friendly are everything in 2022. Design with a “green” look inspires thoughts of nature. This can include packaging, logos, advertisements, and any design that needs that breath of fresh air.

sustainable design

No matter what trends you go with, make sure they fit your brand. If florals are trending and your company sells industrial steel, probably not a great idea to hop on that trend. These trends can be a fun way to mix up your marketing and get noticed.