Mr. Jake Blues from Dundalk writes in to ask us, “WTH is variable data printing? Do I need to be a mathematician to use it?”

A: Hello, Jake, we’re happy to walk you through variable data printing – no math degree required! Actually, variable data printing sounds a lot scarier than it really is.

Have you ever received mail or email from a company that addressed you by name? If so, you’ve seen an instance of variable data! For example, our Marketing Manager received the email screenshotted below. This email was probably sent to hundreds – if not thousands – of people, yet it still addresses her by name. The senders of this email didn’t hand-type the names of everyone on their email list; instead, they probably used a smart email marketing software that let the manager type {name} on the email template, and the software automatically filled in the name for each person who received the email.

This is variable data. Essentially, it involves sending slightly customized marketing pieces to different people instead of relying on a more generic “Dear Customer” approach.

Variable data printing, then, is the same thing – achieved by using a digital printer!

Your friends at Curry Printing can personalize the materials you send to your customers and prospects, and we can do it with a faster turnaround time! This is especially useful if you have a mailing that needs to go out, holiday cards, or even prospecting letters!

As you can see, this type of printing isn’t scary at all! Instead, it’s an incredibly helpful tool we can use to get personalized material to your people.

No calculus needed. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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