Does anyone send holiday cards anymore?

Holiday cards started as a social obligation in the mid-1800s, with an expensive and painstaking printing process. Luckily, printing has improved dramatically since 1843. You can spend more time enjoying the holiday season or hunting down the newest Paw Patrol toy for your child (not speaking from personal experience) rather than stressing about holiday cards.


After the last year or two, we deserve to give ourselves a break. Does that mean sacrificing part of our holiday traditions though? Now more than ever, it is important to cherish those connections and relationships that make the holidays special, reconnecting with family and friends during these special times. The pandemic has made connection challenging, and the holidays are a perfect opportunity to reach out.  Sending holiday cards is the perfect way to do that (and show off the new dog you adopted during quarantine).


Our lives, careers, and families may have changed drastically during these unprecedented times. Holiday cards are a special, fun way to show off those changes. Let everyone in your address book know you started your own business, welcomed a new member of the family, or binged all 15 seasons of Supernatural. Adding a bit of humor to life won’t hurt anyone.


On a more serious note, personalized cards are a great way to market your business and maintain those connections that may have fallen by the wayside during the pandemic. It’s been tough to go out to lunch with a client or stop by a vendor’s office. The pandemic has altered the professional landscape, so sending personalized cards can remind these contacts that you’re still here for them and their needs.


Whether you’re sending holiday cards to family, friends, or business connections, the goal is to spread some holiday cheer. You can’t go wrong with quick and easy holiday cards that contain a cute, personalized message. Plus, who doesn’t love getting actual snail mail (that isn’t a bill)?


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Woman holding holiday card