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Paper is not killing the environment

Paper is not killing the environment.

People often overlook the fact that paper is renewable and recyclable. This seems very counter-intuitive based on all we hear in the media. However, not only is paper NOT bad for the environment, it is actually one of the very few sustainable products. Claims that paper is harming the planet are misleading; in fact, paper may be exactly what we need crucial to solving certain environmental problems. Let’s get some facts about paper straight.

Paper is an Eco-friendly resource.


Fibers used to make paper come from wood, a natural resource that is renewable and sustainable. Paper manufacturers use renewable energy sources, and carefully manage their raw materials, using fewer trees and forests for manufacturing. The commitment to sustainable forestry extends throughout the paper and printing industry. Planting and growing new forests continuously, as the paper industry does, helps the environment in several ways.

If people decide to cut back on using paper products, paper manufacturers will stop making paper and replanting trees. Without a market for their products, there would be no reason for them to re-grow forests or maintain existing trees. Statistics show that the paper manufacturing industry outpaces tree growth by 34% in the United States. In fact, today we have 360% more trees than we did 100 years ago!

All of these good things will disappear if we, as consumers, stop or curtail our use of paper.

So go ahead and print out that email, order those paper brochures, and buy actual newspapers and books. You will feel good about it because you will know you are helping the environment rather than hurting it.

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