“Going green” has become an important goal and you may think moving away from traditional print-based marketing and farther into the digital realm is helping the environment. It’s not.

Are you surprised to learn that your definition of “going green” and the definition of tree farmers all over the world are two different things? If you really want to save trees, choose print.

Print is Good For The Environment

Did you know that we printers actually help to sustain our forests? First, growing and harvesting trees is an endeavor that provides jobs for millions of people all over the world. Because of improved forest management techniques, there are now more trees today than there were 100 years ago. Forests are great for the environment – they provide clean air and water, wildlife habitats for animals, carbon storage and more. By using trees to create materials like paper (which is biodegradable, renewable, and ultimately sustainable), we’re making room for new trees, becoming a valuable part of an industry providing a livelihood for countless people, and sustaining a delicate ecosystem as well.