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Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland, a nonprofit organization, uses professional business printing services to increase brand awareness and drive funding initiatives.

At Curry Printing, we love our nonprofit clients. But how do nonprofits feel about working with us? To find out, we had the pleasure of interviewing Guy Arceneaux, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications at Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland. As a well-respected nonprofit, Meals on Wheels’ mission is to enable people to live independently through the provision of nutritious meals, personal contact and related services. So, how do Guy and his marketing team use our business printing services?

Curry Printing: Could you describe your role at Meals on Wheels?

Guy Arceneaux: As Senior Director of Marketing & Communications, I make sure all our materials are top notch and up-to-date. I am also the Brand Master, making sure that our brand standards are met for every piece that represents us.

CP: How long have you been using our business printing services and products?

GA: I have been a customer of Curry Printing for many years, frequently when I was Director of Marketing with Catholic Relief Services, which was the last position I held. I started there in 2006 and we were often running the few blocks to the Curry office with last minute production jobs. The friendship began then.

CP: What criteria did you use when making the decision to buy our products?

GA: There is an old saw in the printing industry: Speed, Price, Quality – pick two. But I find that Curry tries to deliver all three and it is a rarity.

CP: What was the most obvious advantage you felt our product offered during the sales process? 

GA: I think the fact that Curry offers a solution for almost anything you need is one of the most useful things that quickly is revealed through the sales process. Another is the seamless communication all the folks have about my jobs. If one person is out, they make sure to brief the office staff to expect a call from me and there is no hitch in the get-along. Love that!

CP: What was the buying process like? Did you notice anything exceptional or any points of friction?

GA: You’ve got to be kidding… Margie produces a frictionless sales environment, she becomes part of the team.

CP: How do you and your team currently use our products? And what types of goals or tasks are you using the products to accomplish?

 GA: Curry has so many areas of expertise, I have used them for print and for display items such as recently, for updated pull-up banners. When our Board of Directors comes up with a project, days before the project is due, I know I will most likely give it to my friends at Curry. They don’t make me feel like an ogre for having such a tight turnaround deadline. They are thorough in conversing with me about the project’s details to make sure they complete it with every detail taken care of to my specifications. This is a real joy, to find a team that has the same goal as I do – success!

CP: How have our products impacted your business / your OWN clients?

GA: Last spring we were very busy and we needed updates on a number of items quickly, for items that were related to the Trump Administration’s declaration to cut funding for Meals on Wheels – we developed a rebuttal piece that Curry printed, that we were able to distribute to the news media, which made us look very good. That was a win for us and Curry made it happen.

CP: Would you share some other details about how your team implemented our business printing services?

GA: The pull-up banners were actually refurbished with new art and that was a life saver – we had four of them, a timeline that only went through the 80’s, so instead of buying new pull up banner hardware, we updated the pull up and retrofitted two. We use them ALL the time, specifically at a reception at the State Capitol Office Building. Then later, on TV, behind our Executive Director, Stephanie Archer Smith, as she was queried about the proposed budget cuts that would affect us.

CP: By using our products, can you measure any increases in growth or revenue?

GA: Hard to pinpoint this, but we certainly looked very professional on TV, at the State Capitol, and for our Korean Meal Program Kickoff event.

CP: What is your advice for other teams or companies who are tackling problems similar to those you had before you purchased our products?  

GA: Give Curry a call, if for no other reason but to get a second opinion on the best way to proceed.

CP: What are your goals for the next three months?

GA: Rebrand our Spring Culinary Event – new logo, new branding, positioning, revamp our website to make it mobile friendly. Then there is the advertising initiative.

CP: Are you likely to or have you recommended our products to a friend or colleague?

GA: Absolutely!

CP: And finally, why do you continue to do utilize our business printing services?

GA: You do a job well and to exacting specifications on time. Plus, you are very nice.

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