Whether your business is just starting your EOS® journey or is simply looking to spruce up your game, we understand. We’ve been there too. We created this line of compatible products for our own use, but they turned out so well that we thought others might be interested in seeing them, too. 

If you want to delegate this project to us, we’re here to help first! We can do any combination of design, production, and delivery for you. After all, we EOS® companies should stick together!

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Some of the EOS Compatible™ products we use everyday:


How do you handle your weekly meeting notes? We’ve blown up the meeting page to 24”x36”, mounted it to a sturdy 3/16” gator board, and put a dry erase overlaminate on top.

We’ve been using one board at all of our departmental and weekly leadership meetings for 18 months now, and it’s still going strong. We write down all of our to dos and issues, then take a pic of the board when the meeting is over. The record keeper then just has to update the digital version and email it around to the participants so they have next week’s to dos ready and know what issues need to be tackled at the following meeting.


Each company must have their own structure; as we learn in EOS®, most companies, though, have a
similar structure. Visionary and Integrator™ at the top, Leadership Team consisting of some or all of these:
Operations/Finance/Human Resources/Sales/Marketing/IT. And then, there are the rest of the teams/positions below. We’ve come up with a visually pleasing and easy to read chart and can help you
do the same. We print them in poster sizes for posting around the offices and in HR, and then in 11”x17”
sizes so each member of the team can have one for reference.


“Discovering” our core values was the most fun part of EOS®! And once you have them, it’s up to the Leadership Team to spread the word far and wide internally. We designed an eye-pleasing simple business card-sized piece that illustrates what our core values are, laminated them, and distributed them to our team. This way, they can always be reminded about who we are.


It’s not enough to simply tell your employees what your Core Values are;  you have to get them to buy in and demonstrate them for all to see!

We created a colorful pad with our core values on the top and places for team members to tell us how others have shown examples of core values. We put the slips in a box and draw one per month. The person who was singled out as demonstrating a particular Core Value wins a prize!


Figuring out our Proven Process was quite a process! Once we did it, we created a simple graphic that demonstrates simply and easily what working with us looks like. Now, we have this to show our new prospective clients, visually pleasing and very straightforward.


Clearly, this is the largest and most ambitious project of all! Taking several months, we compiled our Process Documenter, Employee Handbook, Disaster Plan and Haz Com Program all in one large book. We added professional binding and tabs for ease of access. Now, everything anyone needs is in one convenient place. When it was all said and done, our process documenter came out to be 113 pages long!

By implementing EOS into our internal efforts, our team has managed to grow, develop and strengthen!

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