Women’s Business Enterprise

When you work with Curry Printing as your Women Business Enterprise – print vendor and partner, you can rely on our years of stability and professionalism. Since 1989, Curry Printing has continuously withstood the increasingly stringent process of becoming certified as a women-owned business.

Everyone needs printing and advertising specialties – it is a common and standard service across all industries – so when it is difficult to outsource a portion of your contract because of specialized services, remember, everyone needs printing! We have loads of experience and know all the WBE ropes. We can attend hearings and testify with your team as well.

Organizations using Curry Printing come back to us time and again for a number of reasons…

  • We are prompt when filing WBE-related paperwork to government agencies, thus speeding project initiation.

  • We are famous for filing timely and accurate monthly status reports to monitoring government agencies.

  • We do our part to protect your projects from bureaucratic snags and snafus.

  • Beyond this, our women-owned business is told we deliver a higher level of service professionalism when compared with other WBE companies.

  • Government contractors and nonprofits will tell you that we go out of our way to deliver superior quality and faster turnaround.

  • We always deliver what we promise. That is why so many organizations begin by using us to fulfill their contractual requirements, and continue using us because we are a committed and responsive vendor.

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As a women-owned business, we have many WBE certifications.

Our certifications include:

City of Baltimore WBE #89-001238
State of Maryland Small Business Reserve #SB05-2116
Metropolitan Washington, DC DBE #11-02-01-R
State of Maryland MDOT WBE #96-321
The Prince George’s County MBE #10-63-77
State of Virginia SWaM #685202
State of North Carolina HUB Certification
State of New York WBE #53641
City of Philadelphia WBE #111857
Pennsylvania Small Business #398635-201209SB
State of Pennsylvania DBE #13950
US Small Business Chamber of Commerce

Read a few testimonials from our primes:

“Also, just FYI on some real good news…we have been awarded that contract at the Pentagon where I distributed that 1st batch of 10 brochures you made up for us…I’m sure they really helped us win that one…I got great feedback about them from the client.”

“You and your Team have exceeded expectations once again and we appreciate your partnership.”

“Our experience with Curry Printing has been wonderful. We appreciate the level of professionalism and are very content with the service that we receive. Curry has been able to meet tough deadlines for us without fail. We know that they are to be trusted and the job will always be done timely with excellent results.”

-D.J., MetLife

“I got the brochures and they look great! I am extremely excited and pleased with your work and management of the project and of me to get these done in time. Awesome job.”