Case Study – Marketing Agency

Zest, a Digital Marketing Agency, uses Curry Printing as their printing vendor to impress their clients while creating stronger relationships with them.

At Curry, we work with several companies in Maryland, including the local Digital Marketing Agency leader – Zest. We had the pleasure of interviewing Alexa Carney, Vice President, Creative, at Zest Social Media Solutions, to learn more about why they choose us as their printing vendor time after time. Zest’s focus is digital media strategies and brand development for professional service providers. So, how do Alexa and the marketing team at Zest use Curry Printing?

Curry Printing: Could you describe your role at Zest?

Alexa Carney: I am the Vice President, Creative, of Zest Social Media Solutions. I oversee all creative projects, including communication, and placing orders with printers (our favorite is obviously Curry).

CP: How long have you been using our products?

AC: We have been working with Curry Printing as one of our main printing vendors for about a year and a half.

CP: What was the criteria you used when making the decision to buy our products?

AC: We take a few things into account when making the decision to print client work through Curry; quality, price and turnaround time. All three have hit the marks for us on numerous projects.

CP: What was the most obvious advantage you felt our product offered during the sales process?

AC: Timeliness and quality. Every project that we have worked alongside Curry with has been completed and delivered quickly with precision, making our relationships with clients stronger.

CP: What was the buying process like? Did you notice anything exceptional or any points of friction?

AC: Most of the buying processes happen between our clients and Curry directly, but we assist in some of the communication and have never experienced anything but quick responses!

CP: How do you and your team currently use our printed products? And what types of goals or tasks are you using the products to accomplish?

AC: We have a few products we have printed for internal use, including business cards, but our main use is products for our clients. We work with our clients to finalize designs and content before contacting Curry Printing to get the beautiful printed pieces finished.

CP: How have our printed products impacted your business / your OWN clients?

AC: At Zest, we strive to be an extension of our clients, making their lives easier and freeing up time spent on marketing to focus on their daily business needs. Having Curry Printing as another extension from us has been incredible.

CP: Would you share some other details about how your team implemented our print products?

AC: Most of the products go directly to our clients to use in events, conferences, and client meetings. It is rare that we don’t receive a good story or experience from our clients when they have used products printed by Curry Printing.

CP: By using our products, can you measure any increases in growth or revenue?

AC: Again, since most of our projects with Curry Printing go directly to our clients we can’t give an accurate answer. I can say that I have never given out a Zest business card with UV spot coating on the back and not received a compliment or inquiry.

CP: How have our products impacted your success? Your team’s success?

AC: Our team’s lives are made easier when we have a printed product and printing vendor that we can rely on. That is huge.

CP: What is your advice for other teams or companies who are tackling problems similar to those you had before you purchased our products?

AC: Research your options, analyze your three most important points, and trust who you choose, you won’t regret it.

CP: What are your goals for the next three months?

AC: Keep our clients happy and Curry Printing will be able to help with that, per usual.

CP: Are you likely to or have you recommended our product to a friend or colleague?

AC: 100%, I tell you all the time – you guys are the best.

CP: And finally, why do you continue to do business with us?

AC: See all the reasons above. Curry Printing is amazing and I recommend them to anyone who asks!

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