The United States Post Office … We Love to Hate Them, but

usps mail delivery post office

…they sure do get the job done. The USPS delivers literally billions of pieces of mail and packages each and every year. How’s this for a statistic…the USPS actually successfully delivers 99% of its mail to the addressee on the letter or package.

99% is pretty impressive, and I am a person who really does not like the post office.

When you are thinking about how you want to reach someone…a customer, a prospect, an associate … consider your options.

A recent study by ReturnPath posits that only 19% of permission-based email actually even gets through spam filters and people hitting their delete keys, much lower than the percentage from USPS. That is just an average, though; I would imagine that decisionmakers actually use their delete key with a bit more alacrity, speed and frequency than everyone else.

So, at the end of the day, choosing to mail an important correspondence is the conservative, careful and logical choice to make. Email might be “cheaper” in the short run, but not getting your message to its intended recipient will most likely “cost” you in the long run.

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By: Paula Fargo

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