The pandemic has caused disruption and distress in many aspects of life. Because of these challenges, many employees are questioning their career choices. LinkedIn conducted a survey and found that 74% of employees cited the pandemic as a wake-up call to reevaluate their current job (source).

Before beginning a new job search, why not sit down and list what would make you happy in a new position? I have listed a few of my own below:

  1. Feedback

I don’t mean holding an employee’s hand during everyday tasks or yelling at anyone. Providing employees with constructive and positive feedback builds a relationship between the employee and, not just the boss, but the company itself. That positive association does wonders for morale.

  1. Benefits

Treating employees well and caring about their well-being can be significantly less expensive than having a constant turnover. Health and wellness should be a human resource priority at your next company, it says a lot about their culture and values.

  1. Basic decency

This may sound outlandish, but let me explain. I’ve had employers who didn’t like the smell of coffee so I couldn’t drink it. I had a boss once who fired people every week with no notice, and for no real reason. I’ve interviewed candidates who were discriminated against or denied basic rights (food, water, etc.). These are a few tamer examples of the lack of basic decency that haunt many employees.

  1. Flexibility

As a mom of a toddler, the flexibility I’ve gotten at Curry has been amazing. Working mothers always seem to have it rough with flexibility, and the pandemic has really brought that to the forefront. Employees are demanding flexibility and, as an employer, if you don’t try to provide it, you will be left behind.

  1. Compensation

Money is always a consideration, but an important aspect of this component for me was growth. Monetary as well as professional growth is essential. Having the possibility of growth in one company was a must on my list.


This is by no means an all-inclusive list; I’m speaking from personal experience. If you are an employer currently struggling to hire strong candidates, you may have to seriously up your game. And if you are unhappy with your current job situation, make a list like mine and start the hunt!