What’s the deal with stickers?

Stickers have become increasingly popular lately, from the holographic stickers, emotional support water bottles, and Y2K themed stickers to the “Don’t be a prick” cactus stickers. Was anyone else obsessed with the Y2K rainbow Lisa Frank stickers in the 90’s or am I getting old? Regardless, stickers are a fun way to promote your brand and show some personality.

Powerpuff stickers   y2k stickers

Personal Endorsement

If a consumer puts your brand’s sticker on their personal items, they are making an endorsement. They like your brand, and what your brand stands for, enough to wear it as a badge of support. Do you think anyone is going to put a sticker from a brand they hate on their laptop? That endorsement serves as perceived brand quality; it’s an in-person 5-star review.

laptop stickers

The Pandemic

The pandemic has changed how we operate across all industries. Emphasis on a virtual world has cut down on chances brands have to interact with their customers and change value perception. In a 2021 survey, 50% of respondents said they shop based on necessity, instead of impulse, and value for money became increasingly important. If you don’t provide enough perceived value for your customers, it’s easy to fall behind.

Design Matters

Engaging, quality stickers are more likely to be used and carried around on everyday items. The perceived value can be gained through high-quality offerings, social impact, brand values, even humor. Using a relevant meme, joke, or reference on a sticker adds to the personality of the brand.

LOTR stickers

There are many options when it comes to sticker design: adding a holographic or foil element, turning a photo into a custom sticker, logo stickers, stickers with a QR code in the design (great for linking digital efforts), and other creative ideas.


Types of Stickers

There are different sticker materials depending on uses and needed durability. High quality clear vinyl stickers can last around 5 years. However, a clear cling sticker will likely only last about 6 months. Do you want your customers to be able to put these stickers on any surface (laptops, bottles, bumpers, etc.)? Will you use these stickers be used to package and ship products? It’s usually better to get a durable sticker that won’t fade or peel.

Anything used outdoors will have greater durability requirements and need to be customized. Floor signs, wall signs, window decals, and anything that adheres to a surface is a type of sticker. Our team at Curry can provide guidance based on your budget, goals, and intended use.

packaging sticker

Tik Tok Trends

Tik Tok is a good place to start for trend research. Water bottle stickers blew up on Tik Tok and the “Emotional Support Water Bottle” became a thing. Yes, I’m serious and here is some of the psychology behind it. The videos included people adding stickers to their reusable water bottles and re-decorating the bottles. The focus on reusable bottles is great for the environment and the #stayhydrated trend focuses on healthy water intake. Never heard of an emotional support water bottle? You have now!

emotional support sticker

Stickers are a fun trend that can engage customers and add value to your brand. Here at Curry, we have expert designer, sales, marketing, and production staff to make the most of your printing and digital efforts.