Why Don’t You Have Standard Price Lists?

A Ms. Roseanne Rosannadanna from Baltimore, Maryland, writes in and asks:

Q: Why don’t you all have a standard price list?  All I want is a simple box of 500 business cards, why do you have to give me a special estimate for my job?

A: I’m very glad you brought this up! Printing is a custom manufacturing business, meaning that every single item we produce in our plant or shop is made SPECIFICALLY for you. That makes every job unique, with its own set of specifications and variables. One could try to make the argument that a box of 500 full color business cards is the same as another, but I’d vociferously argue against that!

Your job is completely distinctive. If you end up not liking your business cards, we can’t simply repack them and sell them to someone else, like a return at Walmart. Therefore, every single job we handle at our Baltimore printing company is treated as if it’s one of a kind. There are no standard price lists.

Here are some variables that might change the price of your “simple” box of 500 business cards:

Are we designing them or are you giving us print-ready files?

Do you want a special paper or a recommendation from us based on your usage?

Is your job needed by a particular date, or do you have plenty of time?

Will you be reordering these in the future, and, if so, is color matching important?

Might you make changes once you see a proof?

Will you want to come pick up your order, or have special delivery instructions?

Does the job need to be packaged in any particular way?

These are just a few of the specifics of your particular business card job that will impact your price. And business cards are one of the more straightforward products with which we help our clients!

Certainly online printers have price lists, and as long as you don’t object to only being able to pick from a few limited paper selections and are very confident that you aren’t going to need any services or help from a properly trained and responsive staff, then you can probably get a price estimate a couple of minutes faster than getting one from a local printer. However, in the grand scheme of things, you will be better off dealing with true printing professionals who know you, understand your business and needs, and can ensure your satisfaction with the customized printed product you want!

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