Why Don’t You Post Your Prices Online?

A Mr. Steve Bushakis from Baltimore, Maryland writes in and asks:

Q: “OK, I get that you have to ask me a lot of questions to give me a price on my business cards. How do the answers I give you affect the ultimate price?”

A: Thanks for paying attention to my answers about why we ask so many questions, and I can see you are pretty good at asking them yourself!

As discussed earlier, there are plenty of variables that determine the prices of your job. If what you are REALLY asking is how you can save some cost with your printing project, yet still use a professional and experienced local printer like Curry Printing, I can certainly help you!

We start with designing your piece. Do you have a graphic designer you know who can help you? If not, we certainly can. When you choose to work with our staff of graphic designers, you pay an hourly rate; however, we meet with you ahead of time to go over the project and make sure we understand what you are looking to do, and then we design your piece so it will print well! So many designers these days only understand about designing for the internet and only care about how things will look on your screen. We are PRINTERS and know how to do both. While you may pay a bit more for the design, your end result will be a superior printed project.

Let’s briefly mention paper next…there are thousands of brands, types, sizes, weights, finishes and material content of paper. At Curry Printing, we are your paper experts and can guide you in choosing the best possible paper for your job. This is also an area where we can offer cost-savings suggestions.

Ink colors and printing methods are additional variables that will determine cost, and we can let you know the most logical solution that balances the quality and speed of the piece with the cost.

Finally, deadline is a driver of price as well. Your local professional printer should be able to offer you options that take into account both cost and due dates.

If you have a budget in mind, let us know and we can show you lots of options for getting the absolute best product you can for what you want to spend. And you’ll do it locally too! This comprehensive series of questions is why we do not post our pricing online. We guide you personally through the process to ensure you get exactly what you want and need.

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