Theodoric of York Road from Baltimore County writes in to ask us, “What changes are you making now that it’s finally 2021?” 

Theodoric, what a beautiful question.

A: Like everyone else, we at Curry Printing were affected by 2020. Without knowing what the future would bring, there were days when it was difficult to remain positive. Despite this, we persevered. We pivoted when necessary, producing masks and distance stickers by the truck-full (check out some of our COVID best-sellers here). And ultimately, the ingredients that make us Curry Printing did not change. We have continued to produce the highest quality items with an expedient turnaround, serviced by real people who really care. Our doors have remained open and will continue to.

Where does that put us for 2021 changes? In a good place, indeed. We are incredibly optimistic about what’s to come.

How will we change this year?

  • Our front door is locked, but we are still open! Ring our bell and someone will assist you, or call ahead and make an appointment!
  • For now and for safety reasons, we are only accommodating one person in our lobby at a time
  • While we are not working remotely, we understand that many are. We’re happy to deliver packages to home addresses
  • If you’ve walked by our storefront recently, you probably noticed that we have a fresh new look! We will continue to update our look – keep an eye out
  • On a slightly different note, this year we vow to express optimism and gratitude at every available chance. That makes right now the perfect moment to say ‘Thank You’ to our customers for sticking with us through thick and thin

Theodoric, we hope that adequately answers your question. We also hope that you feel as good about this new year as we do.

Now go forth and make 2021 the best one yet!

2021 changes