Important Questions You May Have About The Postal System.

This week’s Asked & Answered blog is a little bit different. We’ve noticed that especially during this pandemic and holiday season, many of our clients rely on the postal system to get information and products into the hands of their waiting customers.

Because so much custom content is sent out, several people have asked us which envelopes they need to use. Do the flaps matter? How much postage should be used? And what’s the difference between an A9 and a 6×9, anyway?

Your friendly neighborhood graphic designers at Curry Printing have taken it upon themselves to answer your questions!

Below, you’ll find a cheat sheet that breaks down the uses for each type of envelope, as well as their size restrictions. Feel free to bookmark this page for reference or download our cheat sheet for yourself.

As the Cheat Sheet explains, some of the most common types of envelopes are:

  • Business- often used along with letterhead, invoices, checks, direct mail, and personal letters

  • Remittance- often used to collect donations and membership applications

  • A-style- used for announcements, greeting cards, and invitations

  • Booklet- used for catalogs, booklets, magazines, or thick direct mail

  • Catalog- typically used for important documents

As far as postage goes, a nice rule of thumb is one Forever Stamp per ounce. Let’s say you’re sending out a standard envelope with about 5 sheets of normal printing paper. You’re probably okay to use just one stamp, but any more weight will likely require additional postage. Of course, there are many variations to this, especially as your stamps can have different values. For a deeper breakdown, check out this guide created by

If your company plans to send out mail to your constituents this holiday season, let us take the guesswork out of it and lend you a hand! We’re used to sending out mailings – large and small. We’re happy to help out with yours, too, making the correct mailing choices completely hassle-free!