The signage you use at your company is a significant investment. It plays a large role in how your customers see you, how simple it is to navigate your building, and how easy it is to find your physical location. Because business signage is vital, it’s critical to avoid the most common mistakes. Here are some common signage errors the team at Curry Printing can help you avoid.

The Wrong Color Choice

Many businesses automatically use colors from their branding when creating signs. However, this can be a mistake depending on the colors. Contrast is critical when it comes to the colors you use on your signage. Striking the perfect balance between high contrast and being easily readable is not always simple. It’s important to work with an experienced business signage company. If possible, it’s a great idea to pair warm and cool colors together. This maximizes visibility and keeps your signage attractive.

Uneven Spacing Vertically and Horizontally

The space between letters, words, and lines is critical, as it allows us to rapidly read business signage without squinting or misreading. Make sure that, if you are designing signage yourself, there is plenty of space between each letter, word, and line. All letter spacing should be even. Some fonts have only a slim margin between each word, which can look nice on a computer but be hard to read when driving by. Adequate negative space around each word is also important, as it makes the sign look more visually appealing and less cluttered.

Poor Font Choice

Just like color, font is vitally important for your business signage. Legibility is a key piece of successful signage, as the only way it will serve its purpose is if people can quickly and easily read it. In general, serif fonts are less optimal for easy reading at a distance. Avoid cursive or script, stylized Old English fonts, and anything too thin or too bold. If you aren’t sure what fonts are the best for signage, you can work with the team at Curry Printing to find the right choice.

Unclear Imagery

When you use images on your business signage, they should always be related to who you are and the products or services that you offer. Make sure that the pictures you choose are direct and understandable. Have multiple people look at your images to give you a third-party opinion, as they might notice something that you wouldn’t otherwise. Always choose the simplest images.

Using the Wrong Material

Working with a sign shop is a great way to avoid this common business signage mistake. While there are many different signage materials, there are differences between those that can be used outside and ones that can be used inside. Even amongst outdoor signage materials, some are not well-suited to being in direct sunlight all day or freezing temperatures. We can help you determine the most appropriate material for your signage needs depending on your aesthetic preferences, your budget, local weather conditions, and your preferred maintenance level.

The Wrong Size

Where are you putting your signs? The right size matters and a sign that is too big or small will not serve its intended purpose. If it will be viewed by people driving on the highway, you will want it to be large so that it can be read from far away. If it is a directional sign on your property that will be read by people driving by at a close distance, it can be smaller and still accomplish your goal. Four-inch text is generally readable up to 100 feet away. The 16-inch font is typically readable from a city block away. Finally, the 57-inch text is readable up to ¼ mile away.

How Can I Create Effective Business Signage?

Curry Printing is here to help businesses like yours grow. We are proud to offer a full range of business signage that can set you apart from the rest. We work with businesses in every industry to find compelling solutions to their printing and mailing needs, and we look forward to earning your business. To learn more, call us today at 410-685-2679.