The Festrunk Brothers from Baltimore, Maryland write in and ask: 

Q: What is so perfect about perfect binding, and if it’s so perfect, why isn’t it the only binding that everyone uses?

A: Thanks for asking, you wild and crazy guys! The term “perfect binding” simply refers to the method of bookbinding where the individual pages are adhered together with a strong and flexible glue at the spine, rather than sewing or any other type of mechanical binding. It is known as “perfect” because all of the pages on all the sides, including the covers, are trimmed straight to the same size, and so are clean and line up “perfectly.”

It used to be that one needed to have a large number of books to be perfect bound in order to be the least bit cost-effective. That is no longer the case, as your local Baltimore professional printer might have new technology that can perfect bind very small quantities of books cost-effectively, like Curry Printing does!

Handling perfect bound books is a bit trickier than simple mechanical binding, because the cover must be a “wraparound” and the size of the spine must be measured ahead of time very carefully, so everything fits together, well, perfectly!

It is a great choice for self-published books, sample copies to send to agents, professional-looking reports or dissertations, or gifts.

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