Why can’t you print t-shirts while I wait?

A Mr. Mel from Mel’s Char Palace in Baltimore, Maryland writes in and asks:

Q: I need to get new t-shirts for my restaurant employees, why can’t I come in to your print shop and just wait while you print them?

A: Thanks for asking that very important question, Mr. Mel, and I believe many, like you, think that apparel printing can happen in just a few minutes. That is definitely not the case, though. There are some copy shops that may copy “iron-on” type decals and adhere them to a t-shirt for you while you wait.  However, that is not the process we print here, or that we even recommend to professional businesses.

The tried and true process of screen printing is what most high quality printers will use for their clients. This is a pretty involved method involving digitizing your artwork, color separating the art into different screens, and then placing the screens on a large screen printing machine that looks a bit like an octopus. The machine then presses ink through the screens onto the apparel. Then, the t-shirts are put through a heating process to cure the ink. As you can imagine, all of this takes time!

That said, your favorite Baltimore print shop, Curry Printing, is happy to streamline and speed up the process for you as much as possible. Additionally, when you order your printed apparel from us, you receive detailed proofs showing you what your images will look like on the apparel you selected. We also are happy to make recommendations about fabrics, colors, usages, and washing instructions so you get the most out of your investment.

Choosing a full-service printing vendor here in Baltimore, Maryland, will help you get the most bang for your buck and give you a professionally printed final product your employees can be proud to wear!